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We feed you, what we like to eat!
We are bohemians,
We go with the flow, your needs, the seasons and love!

We are flexible, Vegan, Vegetarian, all proteins.

We are almost gluten free, the only flour we use is Einkorn flour, an ancient organic grain that has much less gluten, easy to digest and full of proteins.

They are no bad oils in our kitchen, only good fats, coconut , avocado, olive oil for cooking, organic butters, NO seed oils.

Of course we will follow your guide lines and respect allergies and likes.

We can assist you in all your Tea ceremonies, or Cacao ceremonies, to help facilitate your practice.

let us know at the time of booking.

Simple dishes Dinner or Lunch

Japanese Curry Squash

Mediteranian Batata with black olives

Cauliflower salad

Avocado tartine

Soy glazed Tofu and Mushroom

Mushroom Farrow soup

Simple dishes Breakfast and dessert


Spanish omelette

Chia seed pudding with coconut cream

Homemade bread with Eincorn flower

butter fried apples, maple syrup 

Coconut macaroon topped with warm 

home made Banana Bread
with Einkorn flour

Fresh fruit juices

wiled blue berries coconut ice creme 

Sheep milk yogurt with berries and maple syrup

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