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About Us

Nature is God's force.

Let nature become your force

Tribes Retreat is the destination for all Spiritual Meditation practices and organizations that are in need of a place to host;

Yoga,Retreats, Workshops, classes, Private or Corporate events as well as Photo Shoots.

We are located in the Cuddy Valley in the San Emigdio Mountains, within the Los Padres National Forest in Los Angeles area.

At this time we are accepting single day retreats , and small groups of 9  for over night stay ( we are working on expending housing to accommodate more guests).

At Tribes Retreat  we also host our own spiritual and wellness retreats, meet our team below.​

Our Story

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We are a bunch of friends that have known each other for decades, We each experienced  our spiritual awakenings at different  times in our respective lives, We are seekers, we are spiritual brothers and sisters. We each have developed our own; skills, styles, and practices. But in the end we all agree that God is the  all one-ness and we are all part of It. So we come together and join our spiritual forces, to form Tribes Retreat at Casa Bahia The time has come for us to share our knowledge, our wisdom, our space. But, we know we are not the only ones, we also know that You are walking this path, and that you have developed your own spiritual practice that you'd like to share with your tribe. But you may not  have the space to host and facilitate your own retreats . By sharing our property at "Casa Bahia" we do God's work and bring many different  tribes to the land.  We amplify the frequency, and provide a more complete range of means to reach God Source. Come to our Land feel its frequency, respect the Indians that opened the portals of these majestic mountains, and elevate you practice to higher dimensions. Together we re-connect humans to their highest potential and show them the WAY back to source. We do this by merging with the frequency of our beautiful land Tara. The Tribes get to retreat At Casa Bahia ​ ​

Meet The Team

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